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Our Story

All of us at zAddiction have experienced the incredible pain and suffering that the disease of addiction can bring to everyone's life. Whether you are an addict, a member of the addict's family, a friend of the addict, or a part of the community around the addict, we can help you! One of the biggest challenges of our society today is a better understanding of the disease of addiction. How we deal with this very much misunderstood, destructive and deadly problem is complicated. We are here to help you navigate the labyrinth of these challenges. Please use our portal as a resource to start your journey of recovery. Contact us at anytime with questions, comments, requests or concerns.

An Idea is Born

Navigating the myriad of issues dealing with the road to recovery from the disease of addiction is a very complex and frustrating process. We at zAddiction have learned from hundreds of man years of experience how best to deal with all aspects of the many roads to recovery. Whatever part of the process you are dealing with we have an answer to point you in the right direction to achieve the goal you are searching for!

There is a Solution!

No matter what the challenge, issue or problem, there is a solution to this destructive and deadly disease. Give us the chance to help you, your friend or loved one, through the process of recovery!

Why Us?

We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide you. You are facing challenges and complexities and you need help. We all need help. We at zAddiction have been touched and have experienced the disease of addiction from A to Z.

We can help!